How many are Jews?

White men are excluded from these colleges.

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You can bet it's a disproportionately high percentage just judging from the Zionazi foreign policy of the media, govt, Hollywood, wall street, etc. It's funny we get so many stats on every other race, ethnic group, but not much on this incredibly influential ethic group.

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Noticing that a person is Jewish is antisemitic.

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So the masters tell me...yet the RC obsess constantly on every other racial group. Seems funny, doesn't it?

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Absurd...They most definitely notice your ethnicity, even if it doesn't matter to them..

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And? So?

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Noticing that most of the people who push anti-white hatred are Jewish is not "anti-semitic". This includes the authors of the book on "White Rage" cited in this article.

By the way, "anti-semitic" is a misnomer. Most Jews in western countries are Ashkenazim. The Ashkenazim are not Semites. Their ancestry, for the most part, is Turkic and Slavic. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are Semites. So who are the real anti-semites?

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Everything is antisemitic.

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You know who your oppressors are by who you cannot criticize.

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Tell me about it.

Oops, don't want to get you into trouble.

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What do you want to know about "it?"

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Just a manner of speaking. I'm familiar with the topic.

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So noticing someone is English is racist? Additionally most Jews are not semites. You only have to look at people like Nuland, who is a Khazarian, to see this. The Palestinians on the other hand are, but curiously massacring them by the thousands is NOT considered antisemitic.

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The computer study in the victorious Asian students case showed that jews were 500% overrepresented at Harvard, and blacks 1600% overrepresented...

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I would not be surprised.

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And, this is important, why?

There are Jews in all walks of life, poor, middle class & rich & extremely rich. Does this mean because they are Jewish, that they have advantages over others. There are whites and blacks at all levels of society, those that are in the groups I mentioned above.

People who harp on about the ethnicity of a person, rather than the heart of the person and that person's actions, are to me the fault in society.

I do however have concerns in applying the above when it comes to ethnicities who harbor terrorists. That becomes a difficult plank to walk the "straight and narrow".

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Mar 4·edited Mar 4

Answered your own question with your last two sentences. Your view is not self-consistent and sounds like the result of cognitive dissonance, which of course we are all vulnerable to, so I don't mean that as an insult. We must all try to be aware of how our human biases in cognition can make us err in our reasoning.

If you think one should be concerned with ethnicity when an ethnic group has a non-insignificant number of outliers who are a threat to others in some way, then it makes no sense to make that exception for one group that has "terrorists", but not for another group that can be found to a disproportionate degree in control of our global(ist) institutions, which control the systems that cause the majority of suffering the world over and are far worse killers than any terrorists.

This global leadership, the ones who pull the strings, are also in fact the ones responsible for creating "terrorists" the world over, both indirectly in giving them their reason for existence, and sometimes even directly.

Personally, I agree with your third paragraph and think it's wrong to focus on race—in both the moral sense as well as it not being accurate or useful—as the aforementioned power-elites are amorphous and better identified through their class, wealth, power, and ideology, while "terrorists" on the other hand are impossible to understand, let alone oppose, through clichés; only by knowing what created them and their grievances.

By the way, in the original definition, terrorists are not what you think, and actually fill our governments and power systems everywhere. If you go by ethnicity, most terrorists in the US are probably Irish-American, which should show the absurdity in understanding anything that way. As Gore Vidal wrote in an essay in "The Last Empire":

'It is nicely apt that the word “terrorist” (according to the OED) should have been coined during the French Revolution to describe “an adherent or supporter of the Jacobins, who advocated and practiced methods of partisan repression and bloodshed in the propagation of the principles of democracy and equality.” Although our rulers have revived the word to describe violent enemies of the United States, most of today’s actual terrorists can be found within our own governments, federal, state, municipal. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (known as ATF), the Drug Enforcement Agency, FBI, IRS, etc., are so many Jacobins at war against the lives, freedom, and property of our citizens.'

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Emma M. - read it and you have some valid points. But if you believe that the US and EU and UK are terrorists, then I suggest you leave and live elsewhere. I would say, as I said in another reply, we have over the last 100 plus years, likely more, have allowed various parties and elites within Government to give us what we have today. And we as the citizens have allowed it to happen right under our noses. We have been asleep at the wheel. It has to be fought and I call government and their alphabet agencies out for going against the American constitution, Australia & UK Bill of Rights. But why has it taken us so long to realize the mess we are in.

And I will take Australia, the US and the UK for what it is and fight, vote or rebel to return Government to the people, if it can ever be achieved, I have no idea. But the citizens are to blame as we let it happen.

But I would not trade Australia or the US for living in a predominately serious Muslim country. Indonesia maybe, Malaysia maybe. Afghanistan, Pakistan, ME countries, no. The freedoms are not there.

And if you believe that Hamas, Hezbollah or the Taliban are governments and not a terrorist organization, then I will have to differ.

I call the US currently as "Not Good Government" and a "Government out of control" but not a terrorist organization. But then, as in Australia, there are people from within our own countries who will decry the wickedness of our countries but make no attempt to leave.

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Because in an actual representative democracy, disproportionate overrepresentation of particular groups should concern anyone who cares about fairness and democracy, on principle. You should also care about dissembling on any statistical insights because it isn't done accidentally.

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My statement would be, then do not blame the Jews if they are overly represented in banking and are likely some of the richest people in the World. Do I like it, not necessarily so but the Jews who achieved this success, achieved by study, knowing the system, playing Government and accruing the benefits. They have used the system, be it rightly or wrongly, but they have used the system that has been implemented by the Governments of US, Europe, Australia and others over 100s of years.

So, if the plebes, like you (and not being disrespectful) and I disagree with it, have we tried to change our governments thinking? Did we vote according to change of government to combat the predominance of Jewish people in the financial game? No!

It is like the current situation in the US and EU & UK at the moment. The plebes allowed it to happen - it happened under our nose, under our watch and now we complain about it.

Do I like it, no. But it will take a hell of a lot to change it. The power attained by the Elites of today was allowed to happen, a long time ago; in the US likely some 100 years ago or even directly started to change miniscule by miniscule after the American Civil War.

France had a rebellion. Did anything really, really change. From what I see, not much - just no Kings & Queens.

But in my opinion, we find it easier to call out the Jewish people, because they were smart enough to use the system. And others of all races, maybe in a small grouping, have all done the same.

As Trump said re: his taxes. He used the tax system. If it was wrong, then change it. But he did it by the law / legislation in place.

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Unfortunately most of us do not have your immeasurable insight such that we can gauge the "heart of the person", particularly en masse, and so are forced to rely on more visible metrics, such as race in relation to the proportions involved in crimes.

In relation to Jews, unless you are exceeding obtuse, you are aware that the Federal Reserve is owned by banks, not all American, which are predominantly Jewish owned and controlled, and those big banks get effectively privileged access to the money continuously fabricated by the Fed, thereby devaluing the financial holdings of everyone else.

Unless you live a very sheltered life, you will also know that Jews, like many other minority groups, are very tribal, so it is not only the direct owners and controllers of those banks that benefit from their lock on the Fed and its fabricated funds, but disproportionate numbers of their fellow tribesmen.

The access to the fabricated funds continuously flowing from the Fed, in turn becomes control over the media, control over politicians bought with some of those funds, and control over society at large.

Given your interest in "the heart of the person", take a careful look at the genocide being committed by that tribe in its occupation of Palestine and murder of the people they have dispossessed there. That genocide is not simply a decision by an evil government, it is supported by a large majority of the population, including many who are dual US citizens, though fundamentally members of the tribe before all other affiliations.

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Bazza McKenzie - not certain with a moniker like that if you are Australian or Not.

But as to your points. I see no reason to blame the Jews if the Jews use the system to their advantage and have done so for possibly 100s of years. If a system, law or legislation is in place to use - but it right or wrong - then they have the right to use it.

If we as a voting public dislike it, then change the government and request government to legislate changes.

Yes, Jews are predominately heavy in financial management and banking. But they were on this earth at the same time as Gentiles, Blacks and Whites, Asians, etc. Why then did not these people end up with predominant roles or ownership in banking.

Everyone had the same advantages - so to speak. Asians are strong in business. Many Arabs are strong in business. Lebanese are very strong in business in Africa. Do we complain or call them out for being successful.

And if you were successful in business and banking, would you like to keep your family in the business and build a dynasty? I would say you would if you were successful.

As for Israel and the "tribe" of consequence, I will only say, that I support Israel in their determination to rid Gaza of Hamas. Remember, it would not be happening if the Hamas and Palestinian assistance had not entered Israel and attacked Israelis on October 07.

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Using the system to your advantage at the expense of the rest of us is the problem.

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Hear! Hear!!!

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"But as to your points. I see no reason to blame the Jews if the Jews use the system to their advantage and have done so for possibly 100s of years. If a system, law or legislation is in place to use - but it right or wrong - then they have the right to use it."

This is a foolish argument, particularly when you consider that Hitler was elected into office. Evil is evil no matter how they got into office. You should reconsider this argument immediately, unless you are explicitly government-approved genocide. In which case I hope your darwinian lion doesn't turn around and eat you whole.

"Asians, etc. Why then did not these people end up with predominant roles or ownership in banking."

Officials, many of which were jewish, stole all Asian property to launch themselves into positions of power which they then used to exclude anyone unlike them.


The recent lawsuits from asians also show an illegal discrimination for jews/blacks and against asians.

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Your answer would be "nepotism at an industrial scale". As well as it being a general diversity of opinion issue.

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Not certain that I fully understand your use of the word nepotism. As I see it, in its true sense of favoring people by appointment, I have no concerns with that. If a person owns a business and is the director of a business that is his and has a board in place or whatever structure, under freedom of operation, he can appoint whoever he likes to a work position, position on a board, or other - be it family, friend, associate or other.

Now if he is stupid, and we are not talking about that here, we are talking about Jews accumulating funds, banks, etc., then he will fail if he appoints people from the above groups who are unable to do the job.

If what the person does within his own company, bank or business, and it is legal and within Government rules (unless bloody over-regulated), then he has my support.

I honestly think we call out the Jewish people in a context that is not warranted. All the conspiracy theories, etc. But freedom is being allowed to do what you want within the law and within Government regulation.

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This is important because there seems to be a group of organized Jewry (Zionists/Bolsheviks/Neocons/Straussians... they've used several names over the years) that has been active in taking over countries around the world in order to push policies that benefit them while destroying their host countries, That is who people are referring to when they say "the Jews". They aren't talking about all Jews, just as people who talk about the Americans in the context of foreign policy aren't talking about all Americans. Indeed, a case could be made that we now have a Zionist Occupied Government in America. This may be why our military has been used for the last 25 to 30 years in ways that only benefit Israel.

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Because if you can’t deacribe every characteristic of the problem then you will never successfully resolve the problem. This article simply describes the monster but it leaves out who conceived, bred it, raised it, trained it l, and is riding it through the ruins of the West. Almost every single corrosive and pernicious idea can be traced right back to the same tiny group of people who identify as Jews, that’s why.

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Ahhhh hahahaha.

Jews make up 10-40% of the population at these universities. The entire article is about the 1% super elite and if you're seeing something like 10-40% of the population university pool being Jews, that makes them a non-trivial factor.

In addition the Rasmussen data was polite enough to share data on 'whites', atheists, hindus, muslims, protestants and buddhists yet nothing was mentioned about Jews. In several of the statistics shown in the free data Jews implicitly outnumber some of the aforementioned groups yet don't deserve a single mention?

I notice you didn't rush to the defense of muslims or buddhists being called out in the data. Oopsie nepotism agenda away!

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A disgracefully racist thing to say

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Yes, but is it true or not ?

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You mean like the Jewish community referring, in a broad brush way, that all White Americans are white supremacist racists? Isn't that a disgraceful racist thing to say?

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the same is true in art and culture ...

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This post also helps explain the fanatical hatred of Trump, and the easy willingness to go after him with lawfare cases based on little more than hot air. It's not just that Trump has views counter to the elites, but he actually IS an elite. And hence, a traitor to their class. This enrages them. That a once iconic New York City billionaire should somehow end up the champion of the proles is basically inconceivable. This is why so much of the rage against Trump is mindless sputtering. And for the love of god he likes his steaks well done and eats them with ketchup!

So yes, our lovely elites will stop at NOTHING to stop Trump and rid him from their sight for good. The only thing that surprises me is that they haven't managed it just yet. But they will, one way or another.

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From reading Plutarch and some other ancient writers, I see that members of the elite who were excluded by their own class have long turned to the proletariat to build a power base. So this is nothing new.

We are fortunate that so much of the elite hates Trump, because that inspires him to speak for the common man when no other members of the elite will.

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Well said, I have always considered it a blessing that they hate him.

In the worst case, we get accountability as God intended.

In the best case a staunch and unrelenting ally to bring us victory after maddening victory if only to humiliate them.

It just seems like the ideal example of the American system working to benefit the people.

In that same line of reasoning my blood went cold thinking of biden.

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I think most of that is correct other than the fact that Trump isn't really interested in helping us proles out in any remotely genuine economic sense when the calculus also includes ways to enrich himself and the 1%. I suppose that's better than Biden and the Democrats, with their turn toward Wall Street and away from Main Street starting (or getting on steroids) with Clinton. About the only things in Trump's platform I can think of that'd help a guy like me out is possibly re-patriating manufacturing, but he's largely responsible for the border crisis in terms of root cause because prior to a couple years ago there were almost zero Venezuelan immigrants at the US Mexico border and now they make up the vast majority due to his economic warfare on that country. No wall is capable of keeping that many people out unless it's equipped with gun turrets and/or electrified. Needless to say Biden is just as bad as he has done little to nothing to lift the sanctions. To put it another way, Trump is also an imperialist and it's imperialist policies abroad that cause illegal immigrants to want to come here in the first place.

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Trump is definitely not interested in helping out the wage slaves, but at least he doesn't prance around acting like he's che Guevara while letting the billionaires have their way with us. The Dems are disgusting fakes!

Meanwhile, Genocide Joe and most Dems just love murdering scores of women and children. That's naked ass imperialism for you right there.

Point is: were on our own. Never trust anyone from either imperial party. Start your own group with folks you know who also hate imperialism. Build a parallel government of the people from the ground up and smash these bastards. You can call it the wage slave party. No rich scum allowed!

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Mar 4·edited Mar 4

See my comment below, blindness is a condition of the mind in a person who is capable of seeing; but is unwilling to see the error of their reasoning through factual proof, fully available if the "seeing blind" people are prepared to forgo their dogma of contempt and do their research.

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Notably in both comments you failed to provide evidence for your name calling ad hominem insult laden assertions that Trump helped the working common man. See my comment below. I have people all over the US including coal and steel country and Trump didn't benefit any of us. I think you're projecting when you call us blind and you must be a day trader or part of the "investor class" if Trump's policies directly benefited you.

And I forgot to mention that Trump set the stage for the Genocide Joe's approach to Israel and Gaza by moving the embassy to Jerusalem and signaling to them through the bogus Abraham Accords that they had a green light to proceed down the path of defacing that mosque which would obviously lead to more strife not less, and assassinating General Soleimani of Iran, which also contributed to the instability and likely war in that region.

Oh yeah, and Trump also indicted Jullian Assange who probably did more to ruin Killary than anyone else, through the Wikileaks published emails that proved the DNC is a corrupt, fraudulent elite-driven corporation, not to mention exposed numerous Bush and Obama war crimes.

Man you're the one with TDS here.

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Liked your comment. I guess I prefer ‘blindness’😀

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Thank you.

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Here's a comment you made at another blog I read (SONAR21) on the Israeli genocide in Gaza:

"My advice would be for Israel to deliver a Dresden on the Gaza Strip. Flatten the place and wipe it off the map. After seeing the videos this morning of the deaths, and degrading of bodies, by Hamas fighters – all women and children, then my “little bit of support” I had for the Palestinians has gone.

Israel – unleash hell!!

-Cliff Henkel (Bishkek)"

You're a Hasbarat or something or you're too dumb to wait for the initial propaganda push to be exposed as lies, such as has always been the case with every false flag in US/Israeli history. Put me on ignore from now on, would you? You bring nothing but typical neocon bullshit to the conversation.

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You call it genocide. I call it war against terrorists. And if those terrorists hide behind civilian population (women & kids) and civilian infrastrucutre in, around and underneath, then there is going to be collateral damage.

Such is war. The Germans killed 60,000 british civilians by bombing in WW II. The Brits & US killed 400,000 German civilians by bombing in WW II. Are the Brits to be accused of genocide becasue they killed the greater number of civilians.

And as for 74% of Palestinians supporting Hamas, then I have little support. They voted Hamas in. Hamas stopped all elections. Hamas delivered October 07. Palestinians shouted and rejoiced at the slaughter of Israelis. Strange that the Israelis are to blame.

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You are probably the most ignorant and obnoxious reader that Simplicius has. Literally everything you say is 100% unmitigated Grade-A Bullshit.

You are a genocidal maniac hiding out in some strange country making commentary on places you've never visited let alone lived in.

Hamas is not "hiding behind civilians" and the Israelis have LONG supported, aided, and facilitated Hamas as a means of keeping Palestine divided.



Try to educate yourself before spreading Hasbara lies in the future.

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I used to support Israel. I saw Israel as a beacon of democracy in an ocean of horribly corrupt, backwards Muslim dictatorships. I thought they were our best ally (ally of the United States) against Muslim extremism.

Then I woke up.

In the last several months, I have discovered several things which have totally changed my mind about Israel and about Judaism:

1) Jews and Gentiles have been at war for millennia. Supremacist Jews (not all Jews!) believe that they are God's Chosen People and that they have a religious mandate to control the world.


2) Supremacist Jews created communism, apparently as a mechanism to control the world. The Bolsheviks who took over Russia in 1917 were mostly Jewish. These mostly Jewish Bolsheviks shot, starved and tortured to death 20-30 million Christian Russians and Ukrainians after they captured Russia. Communist regimes slaughtered over 100 million people in the last century.

3) Supremacist Jews hate Whites. All of this institutionally-promoted hatred of Whites seems to be coming from Supremacist Jews, who control our institutions.

4) The official history of WWII appears to false. It seems to me now that WWII was part of this endless war between Jews and Gentiles. The Gentiles lost the war, and that why the world is so screwed up now as average citizens are being attacked by "globalists" (communists).

5) WWI and WWII led to the creation of Israel, and since the founding of the country, the Israelis have continually been abusing and kicking the Palestinians off their land. The Israelis are not the good guys, are not the victims, but are the oppressors and are in the wrong.

6) Israel has a long and sordid history of creating false flag attacks to achieve geo-political goals. 9/11 was a false flag attack done by Israel with the help of parts of the U.S. government:


Similarly, the October 7th attack was also an Israeli false flag attack, created as a pretext to attack Gaza and push the Palestinians out:


It is clear that we are currently experiencing a full-spectrum, unconventional, unrestricted full scale war on humanity. Based three years of research, I believe that this war on humanity is being waged on us primarily by Supremacist Jews. But of course not all Jews!


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Mar 4·edited Mar 4

There is nothing so blind as the seeing man who is blinded by his own judgmental statements for which there is no proof to back his assessments, which are false and unproven.

President 45 - delivered for the common working man. But then being blinded by stupidity or unproven reasoning, such people will never see.

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Name 5 ways and compare them to Obomber or Biden or Bush II. Give me 5 Trump policies that benefited people making less than $100,000/year in the long term....

Oh wait. You can't because you're an Australian citizen living in Kyrgyzstan who's maybe ever been to the USA once in your life for a trip to Disney World or Las Vegas. LOL!

Seriously what motivates someone to make such asinine comments in favor of a politician in a country where they don't even live, work or likely even visit, and to do so in such a strident and condescending way?

You have issues, Cliff.

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Mango M3 Huffy -- real Huffy.

And I do not have issues and no sign of TDS with me, but I appreciate a person who has achieved. As you sat that Trump did nothing for low-income earners, then maybe you are blind.

So, for the achievements of Trump - here we go - and I really do not care if you agree or disagree. You are the one with the chip on the shoulder over America. Why do you live there? You seem not to like your country. What are you doing to save it?

As of January 2021

Trump Administration Accomplishments - and this is a short list - but then you are not likely to read it.

For those under $150,000 and others

America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections.

Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration.

The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century.

Achieved 40 months in a row with more job openings than job-hirings.

More Americans reported being employed than ever before – nearly 160 million.

Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low.

The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population hit its lowest on record.

Incomes rose in every single metro area in the United States for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

Delivered a future of greater promise and opportunity for citizens of all backgrounds.

Unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those without a high school diploma all reached record lows.

Unemployment for women hit its lowest rate in nearly 70 years.

Lifted nearly 7 million people off of food stamps.

Poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans reached record lows.

Income inequality fell for two straight years, and by the largest amount in over a decade.

The bottom 50 percent of American households saw a 40 percent increase in net worth.

Wages rose fastest for low-income and blue-collar workers – a 16 percent pay increase.

African American homeownership increased from 41.7 percent to 46.4 percent.

Brought jobs, factories, and industries back to the USA.

Created more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs.

Put in place policies to bring back supply chains from overseas.

Small business optimism broke a 35-year-old record in 2018.

So, as you live in Texas, I gather from your post, then maybe you missed the opportunities to benefit. Or are you living in Deliverance country.

Keep smiling, as you do not sound very happy, by your writing.

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LOL! These are nearly all pure lies!

The bottom 50 percent of American households saw a 40 percent increase in net worth. = LIE

Wages rose fastest for low-income and blue-collar workers – a 16 percent pay increase. = LIE

Brought jobs, factories, and industries back to the USA. = LIE

Created more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs. = less than Obomber, or BIden!

You don't even fucking live here you loser. Go talk up Australia or wherever you actually do live and stop wasting Americans' time with lies and distortions like a childish little rat.

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Mar 5·edited Mar 5

Mango M3 Huffy is throwing a tantrum. Did your baby-sitter or Nanny leave you unattended? Did not get what you want?

You call the details presented as all lies and yet the list is the factual positive returns (actually only part of them as there are far too many) published in many parts of the American press. You need to get out more and read.

And for your interest, I know several Americans, Americans here in Bishkek, Americans in America who I met and worked with, civilians & military, with whom I worked with in Afghanistan under various contracts and who have remained friends.

I also likely know a lot more about US politics than you expect as I am interested in it. Whichever way the US "farts" does impact Western policies and thinking. Currently, I would say for the worse.

A have American friends' who are resident in the US.

I am not wasting Americans' time. I might be wasting your time. But that gives me satisfaction. A person who uses a Mango M3 Huffy and not his real name. By your reactions, I have the image of a "sucked mango head" prancing around Texas. Or prancing around his Mother's basement.

I do not have TDS, further from it. You are the one with TDS. As I said, "it is the seeing person who is the blindest, when the truth is placed before him, he cannot see it and therefore is 'blind with eyes wide open'".

So, I am a loser because I have presented lies and distortions. And yet you said you and your family did not get any benefit from Trump 2017/2021. What about the cheaper fuel? Do you ride a push bike? Okay, so the cheaper fuel was not a benefit to you.

But, if you did not receive assistance under Trump, have you received assistance under Biden? I would like to know what assistance.

And was the reason that you did not receive and assistance under Trump, was it because you forgot to take your dummy out of your mouth and go find it?

So, what I presented is not lies and distortions. Go look in the right publications and not your MSM shows. Oh, I forgot, you are still in your mother's basement, and you cannot afford TV because Trump did not deliver.

So please, have a good day. But with your ranting it will likely be another poor day - better go find your babysitter or Nanny.

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Every "reason " you gave supporting trump is a total lie, pulling numbers outta your azz.

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Hmm, false and unproven? Maybe give some good examples? Who determines what is true or false? From what point of view or position (meaning likely already biased). Unproven? How? When there is a huge number of classified documents that the population is not allowed to see.

Both Wikileaks and the X files have shown us the many false and ‘unproven’ statements from the ones in power essentially for their own benefit. About the many covert operations, about the Russian collusion.

I don’t trust anybody anymore who uses the word false and unproven in 1 sentence. Show me all the facts and I will judge for myself

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Trump’s energy policies helped workers bigly.

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Which workers? Didn't help me or my family. And I have family in Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, California and Florida. Which energy policies?

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Mar 19·edited Mar 19

The one where gas isn't $5+ a gallon? Or the Big Mac Combo isn't $14+.

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I live in one of the most expensive gasoline markets in the country and I use 93 octane (or 91 if 93 isn't available) and I've never paid more than $3.89/gallon under either Biden or Trump. No difference at all.

The only Big Mac combo you'll ever find over $14 is at an airport or that place in Connecticut which is a truck stop in one of the richest per capita parts of the state. It wasn't more than $2 cheaper pre- or during Trump's tenure.

Granted, energy prices are likely higher due to Biden's war on Russia via Ukraine and blowing up Europe's ability to buy cheap Russian gas. But I've never said I support Biden. All I said is that my family wasn't helped by Trump (compared to Obama or Bush before him) economically.

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Random Data Dump:


Close. In New York it's $13.49 with medium fries and $14.49 for a large. A bit less in person but not by much. Not sure how taxes factor in or not.


More, here's a Big Mac Index. Just the burger by itself about $1 cheaper. Considering drink and fries I imagine it gets to your $2 figure quick.


2018 Article: McDonalds actually had a Dollar menu.


2024 Nothing is actually only $1


Nevada is already above $3.89 for gas just today. Average $4.20


Here's an article from 2018, middle of Trump's term, marveling that it got as high as 3$ over there.



Don't pretend things aren't more expensive, especially when places are hitting the benchmarks you are saying don't exist. Especially the part where you claim big mac combos weren't at least $2 cheaper now than even before Trump. The meal was less than $5 in the 90s.

By the way, war policy is energy policy, especially when you're waging war on energy selling nations. Trump didn't start a single war yet Biden's administration pissed off Russia and Saudi Arabia. Not going to war is a helpful thing.

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Dave Chapelle said the same thing back in 2016, only in a more humorous and relatable fashion of course :)

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Agree that while Trump is mostly interested in Trump, he's much more useful to us as he provokes intra-elite conflict. That alone makes Trump far superior than Biden, who is a tool of Empire abroad and oppression at home.

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The so called climate change obsession only parrots the narratives dropped down from above. Same thing for Covid, LGTB or feminism. They want to be in the winning team. But this is not exclusive of the high end university graduates. The middle class and lower class rage for social promotion too. The covid mass submission was the perfect example. More than super elites, the article refers to the upper class or middle and lower class wannabes. Super elites are necessarily connected to mafia, the MIC and Wall Street. Serial criminals like, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Robert Kadjec, like John Podesta, like infamous Fauci are BEYOND the law and untouchable.

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But that 1% of the 1% is also only beyond the law and untouchable precisely because of their courtiers, which are the group described in this article. Without their supporters, the most evil men would all live in constant terror of reprobation for their wickedness.

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That is actually true for everyone of us or did you make the equipment that you used to write the comment? The chair you are sitting in, the house you are living in, the car you drive to work, the roads that allow you to do so, to eventually add some minor value (relative) and get more paid than the ones that made it possible, that made your equipment for instance.

This is not ment as an insult, but to make people aware that without others we cannot survive including the 1% that is so full of itself. Unfortunately they have so much wealth that it makes it easy to let others do all the work for them, but also protect them from anybody that could threaten their way of life as their will always be people that need the money to support their own family.

I feel this is more of a fundamental issue that wealth/power can be ‘trickled’ down in such way that you only need a few evil on the top to hostage a whole society (of mostly good people)

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scAmerican Arrogance is unleashed and these dammmm warmongrelistas don't have no way to leash the dammm beast of war back into the bottle that the Arrogant West exploded

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I keep seeing his word 'the west.'

Who are the 'west?'

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The American-led elite, including Western Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, and even Japan and South Korea, which are technically in the east.

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The Occidentalists, the suicidal, useless lemming people who rule us all while pretending they're standing up for the achievements of better people from centuries ago with whom they have nothing in common other than geography.

They are the kind of career bureaucrats like you find running the EU, such as the 14th generation bureaucrat (I'm not joking, look up the Albrecht family tree) Ursula von der Leichen who will blather on about the "European garden" as opposed to the "jungle" they think is everywhere else, even though their garden is full of weeds and long overgrown and they're the foremost enemies of all those who live in it, and not to mention of everyone else.

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As a wise egg told Alice, words mean what I say they mean, nothing more nothing less.

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Just been reading the Biography of Lewis Carroll.

IF he lived today he would be called::::::::::child ponographer etc

HOW have we been so manipulated?

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Freedom is slavery

War is peace

Ignorance is strength

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"The Party said that Oceania had never been in alliance with Eurasia. He, Winston Smith, knew that Oceania had been in alliance with Eurasia as short a time as four years ago. But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated. And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past,' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.' And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. 'Reality control', they called it: in Newspeak, 'doublethink'."

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And finally we have the perfect tools for "reality control": LLMs and AI which can inject infinite amount of "hallucination" and completely confound any sense of reality. The gaslight machine on global scale.

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Fascinating! Thank you very much for compiling these statistics into a good readable, referrable article. Well done.

A key lens for understanding elites at a deeper level, however, is missing. My recent article sheds light on the elephant in the room that is very rarely publicly acknowledged.


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"Unfortunately, there is no solution for the societal split."

I disagree. The solution is for citizens to take control away from the elite. Given our much larger numbers, we can easily do it -- if we're unified. This is why the elite constantly seeks to divide and distract us with "diversity" and perversion.

Speaking to each other is a good first step. Getting involved in LOCAL politics is a next step, because when localities refuse to obey unconstitutional orders from above, as they have every right to do, then the elite lose power.

Ultimately, decentralization is the answer. We need to systematically eliminate most of the US federal government and return authority to the states as the Constitution dictates. The FBI, NSA, CIA, NIH, FDA, CDC etc all need to be entirely eliminated and their top administrators jailed for their crimes. Afuera!

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This cannot be done without prior system collapse. People won’t unite against plutocracy before they’ll literally run out of all options AND all hope. The people need to own nothing first, in particular no future, no hope, no safety, no dignity and no means for survival. People will first need to believe en masse that they have less to lose mindlessly joining the revolution than hiding and obeying. There’s no way to speed this up. Situation needs to be ripe for revolution. Only then a spark, often lit by some foreign power or greedy oligarch will blow the system up. These 1% people will continue putting relentlessly more and more strain on the society, till everything will blow up. Hard to predict how long would it take, yet the UA war accelerated economic collapse, great precursor for a total collapse. So it’s closer than even two years ago anyone could have expected. Dark times ahead of us.

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You make an important point, which likely won't set well with many people. Generally, people don't risk everything till they have nothing left to lose. There are a few exceptions. And those exceptions play a key role through leadership. The majority of people will not act until desperation suggests there are no alternatives. How long does that take? It depends how masochistic the elite get and how fast they devolve into blatantly psychotic opression. If Ancient Rome is any indicator, bread and circus distract from a lot.

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I disagree that system collapse is necessary.

All that is really necessary is for a large majority to agree that the elite must be hanged for their crimes against humanity, Fauci first.

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We are too divided and we fear. You have to overcome both. That only happens when a majority has no more hope. That will likely only happen when there is a system collapse.

Gaza springs to mind: 2 million people being held hostage on their own land. Israel determines what is imported and exported from that area and to such extent that the number of calories are counted

I feel most of us emotionally live in a similar world where we are hold hostage by a small percentage of the population. As long as they don’t overstretch too much (what thr Israeli clearly did), this could go on for decades.

‘The end of humanity is the only equalizer’

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I agree 100%.

My country the United Kingdom is rapidly falling apart.

I cannot believe what I am witnessing.

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The elite must be hanged for their crimes,…we must take back their power and control over us….but we have been feeding them, giving them our powers and control as long as our species exist. They are we all, I totally agree with Herbert Marcuse considered wrongly as the philosopher of Anarchy and terrorism (Bader-Meinhoff), the elite only exists, we want them to exist because of little surplus repression. We don’t do our jobs we do more, a lot more just to be part in a greater party, nation, whether democrat, dictator, communist, etc. If we do only the minimum the elite will bleed to death. The reason we overdo is simple we benefit from it, promotion is there, climbing the ladder just beneath the reapers of these profits, the winners who take it all. Little surplus repression abides at the bottom of our collective unconsciousness. We are the victims of our compliance so it has always been.

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The US needs a unifying mythology to bring the masses and the elites into alignment. We've had that at various times in the past, e.g. in post-War II America, the belief in the "melting pot" concept, where everyone was American regardless of their ancestry, even if just aspirationally. The forced mixing of races and geographies in WWII military deployment had a lot to do with creating that unifying sentiment.

Now the country is in a philosophical identity crisis. The elites have abdicated their responsibility to lead because there's just too much money to be made serving transnational interests, and there's little tying them to the people they ostensibly lead. As this DF article implies, it's gotten progressively worse to the point that potentially sympathetic elites are now actively screened out from positions of influence.

The present US government has devolved into Kabuki democracy that's all spectacle without substance, the players going through motions just to get paid, but not because they actually believe they can address the nation's issues, or even really care enough to try. I think there are people out there who are willing to believe in something unifying, but modern society has been desiccated to serve transnational corporations/interests, and the people have been left without anything compelling to believe in.

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David Gress wrote From Plato To NATO in 1998, speaking about this. Since WWII there was an effort to shape the "Grand Narrative" of the US in particular ways going back to Athens instead of Rome (the more accurate source). Then since the 1960s starting with such thinkers as Herbert Marcuse, there has been a deliberate effort to deconstruct any Grand Narrative. Our social identity has been carved up.

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Thanks for making that connection, Jack. I'm going to order Gress' book.

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This is exactly why "diversity" is so destructive to nations.

When there is no shared mythology, there is no nation at all. A nation at least thinks of itself as unified around an origin story, in our case, Columbus, the Pilgrims, and the American Revolution.

When the Columbus statue was torn down from Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, it was a direct attack on our unity. The right answer is to put it back and defend it with armed guards.

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e pluribus unum vs ab uno multi

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What is the difference? My Latin is not so bene.

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don’t trust mine. i used a free online translation site.

i was trying to show that what is being done is exactly opposite of the motto “out of many, one”. “out of one, many”.

dividing everyone because there is strength in unity. i think thats why “diversity” is used and emphasized SO much. you NEVER hear or read any politician talk about “unity”. as you described, it makes sense of why they are trying to erase and rewrite history.

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Good point. You never hear any politician talk about unity anymore.

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Oh, how disappointing. I thought you were going to suggest something real. Ultimately we need a far more participatory process for democracy to be real, what you are saying is the right approach long-term. Short term it packs the sufficient force that the mass public can provide.

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I agree that it takes time for the public to be roused into participation in democracy.

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Historically it tends to be elites who displace elites. Hence why the love for Trump. He's not nearly perfect but it's a different faction than the current incumbents.

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Yes, I think that's a good way to put it. Trump is a different faction of the elite.

He did many good things as president, like tariffs on China, closing the border, and refusing to start new wars.

But I just can't support him while he keeps trying to brag about creating the death jab. Injecting 3/4 of humanity with that toxic slime was the worst crime ever committed.

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Yeah the vax sucks ass and I don't appreciate Trump talking about it. However the federal mandates only went into full gear under the Biden Admin while Trump supported the ability to use alternative choices such as HCQ and Invermectin.

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True, Biden was far worse, mandating that military and government employees risk their lives for the profits of Pfizer and Moderna.

But Trump should finally admit the obvious truth: "his" vaccine is very dangerous and worse than ineffective, making people more likely to get sick and die, not less.

Until Trump tells the truth about the horrific failure of the vaxx, he cannot be trusted at all.

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It's really the one edge RFK has over him.

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Yes, RFK has that huge advantage!

I think RFK would easily win if the Democrats nominated him, but of course they are so beholden to Pfizer that they won't.

I'm still grateful to Trump for all the good he did as president, but his support for the death jab makes him a bad choice, even if far, far better than corrupt and senile Biden.

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True elites live deep underground cities, watching their "elite" middlemen impose draconian infrastructure like 5G which will ultimately kill those same middlemen:


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Hate to say it, but it might take a world war to get rid of these people.

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It may take a world war, but it won't be a world war in the 20th century model. Bombs, bullets and blood will be much less decisive. It will be an information world war with competing propaganda flooding all networks. Neither the class warfare or the identity politics propaganda of the 20th and 21st century stand a chance in the long run.

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Such parasites always find a way of sending someone else to do the fighting. Purges are a different story.

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I literally can't wait for the SHTF moment. These elites will then find out who makes the world go around.

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At the end of every Empire's life cycle, one of the recurring patterns is one of 'Elite Overproduction' whereby the Upper Class inbreeds & sires far too many of their Kind... this, in turn, accelerates the Downward Spiral into Solipsism & related Destructive pathologies whereby the common folk are inflicted by said Elites' various Hubristic eccentricities... which in turn breeds Nemesis & a Violent, Gory Culling of said Elite en masse. America (& the wider West) appears to be at that point now...

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(For those interested)

If you wish to read (& listen!) to more of My commentary, here is my Main Stack:


Thank You Kindly to everyone!

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Unfortunately we will have to suffer tremendously in that process

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Maybe Pol Pot was onto something.

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The fall of the Empire in real time...or presented as slow motion trainwreck scene.

History 101, but the real one, not fake garbage they teach at the Collective West Ivy League curriculum/courses.

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Like the royalty of the past ages, the elites of today are essentially social parasites, producing nothing of substance. No food, clothing or shelter. No energy or transportation. Not even intellectual writing, no Tolstoy's or Dostoevsky among them. A true modern Rentier extraction class. They will exist and steal from the production classes until the unlikely revolution or public banking like China after the New Multi polar world being birthed is in force.

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I experienced this first hand when I was doing my PhD course work in Econ at the University of Pennsylvania.

Of an incoming class for the Econ Doctorate program of 40 students, over half were from outside the United States. These included students from Japan, China, South Korea, Germany, Costa Rica, Brazil … all being explicitly groomed for positions high up in their country’s ecosystem. At least three were sons of finance ministers.

The program had a pronounced “Liberal” bias, as you might imagine, but with a weird twist due to worship of the Chicago School of economics.

Arbitrage was a core focus of the finance curriculum. How to instantaneously exploit market imperfections to buy one side and short the other just in time to make money for nothing. And the chicks for free…

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Isn't it funny how when the big boys do it it's standard curriculum, but when a lone man does it he gets arrested? There was that one guy who exploited arbitrage just like the big companies by feigning purchasing stock and then changing his mind and the DOJ couldn't arrest him fast enough.

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