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Rare sane comment. I am pretty shocked, concerning the perspective of simplicius on AGW.

I got to know you because of the Ukraine war, it seems like you have more knowledge regarding that conflict that mother earth.

Ever had a look at any glacier vs. historical photos?

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NOAA data for sea level from mid-1800s and CO2 from 1958, each scientifically accurate, display ZERO correlation. A simple chart comparison proves CO2 does not cause global warming, ice melting leading to sea level rise. About as simple and elegant a proof debunking the concept of global warming in plain sight available. The longest sea level history is from The Battery Tide Gauge but the same lack of correlation occurs with every tide gauge globally.




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That is a great link. Thanks :-) But it clearly shows the water level rising steadily over the last century. Perhaps you were being ironic?

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Glad you went the extra mile to look. Sea levels have risen steadily due to gradual warming post glacial period 20,000yrs ago. The rate last 160 yrs is 0.85mm/yr. For NYC it is sinking ~2mm/yr for a total apparent sea level rise of ~2.8mm/yr. You can straight-line the trend and CO2 has no impact with its rise from 315ppm 1956 to about 420ppm today on the trend of the sea level rise. QED.

Does that help?

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My State of Rhode Island just followed California off the cliff, mandating the end of ICU cars by 2035. Where do they intend to build all those new power plants to supply the electricity? Oh wait, we won't need more electricity, because there will be many fewer people due to climate change. Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated matter, the EPA just issued proposed new rules calling for all natgas and coal power plants to sequester their carbon emissions.

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Lets keep it 100.....Carbon FOOTPRINTS means us. Man creates "footprints," animals create "paw prints," or in the case of these devils, "hoof prints." People need to comprehend, with certitude, that all of the UN or WEF or Green or Corporate "programs" are actually mechanisms weaponized against innocent, decent people just trying to survive the "created" misery, created by the same ole suspects. Their data is created lies, manufactured to generate consent by the masses, a consent that ends in their extermination. Stop listening to these devils, they are not your friend, not your support, but your eventual doom if you continue to give them credence. They are weak, filthy rats and rely on your attention for power. Stop giving it to them.

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So true, so true.

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'.......an ever present specter of Scarcity which feeds an underlying dread that pervades our every subconscious thought....'

No Worries !! The Science will take care of it...Soon available will be Emotional Lobotomies (tm)...

Scientists have discovered an "anxiety gene" in the brain - and a natural way to turn it off:


Better than Huxley's "Soma" ?

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Ah, the financial Rentier extraction classes and their agenda. Ask almost anyone what money is and look at their faces, they've NEVER thought about it. Now they're stumped, don't have a clue about the various forms of money, where it comes from, where it goes. From your parents and friends to your teachers priests politicans and media, entire industrial complexes are devoted to taking your natural critical thinking skills away while pretending that they've teaching you how to think critically. Most don't know they're doing it and you have almost certainly been a part of it, an unconscious indoctrination machine, omnipresent and invisible. As the author says that the financial system with its interest compounding inevitably results in oligarchies. Prior to Greece and Rome there were strong Kings that would wipe the debt slate clean from time to time and prevent the debt enslavement of the masses. Now debt is sacred, sacrosanct and legally enforceable with Arms. Assuming that Jesus existed his first sermon was to say that he came to bring the year of the Lord, a jubilee with debt forgiveness. Obviously he had to go. Ever wonder what was written on the Rosetta Stone? It was a new teenage Pharoah forgiving the debts. You wouldn't mind building pyramids and fighting in army for a guy like that. Harari says Homo sapiens use stories and they don't need any basis in reality as long as they're commonly believed. You know, stories like money, rule of law, the invisible man in the sky and on and on. I don't call them stories, I call them Lies and frauds spread by the self serving ruling classes and the RACKET pre dates history. My advice.. Nullius in Verba Magisteri. NEVER TRUST ALWAYS VERIFY!

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I'm commenting before really reading the article because I have some ammunition regarding global warming and I think many people will appreciate it.

Back in 2015, a bunch of scientists created a simple global climate model, and working on it realized the Earth's temperature has "thermostat" - there's a negative feedback loop that prevents Earth from getting very hot even if there's a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Here's a blog post from one of the authors:


Here's the paper:


A few months later, they published a followup paper addressing concerns raised:


The best part is that the lives of the authors basically got destroyed over that paper, as you can clearly read on the blog (first URL I posted).

Armed with this model, you'll be better equipped to handle whatever random climate-argument comes your way. :)

Now I'll actually go and read this latest article on Dark Futura. I just had to get those two papers off my chest. ;)

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The Upper Crust is starting to resemble a scab. Lifeless and disconnected.

The irony here is the greatest danger to this current power structure is their own lack of self awareness.

The larger benefit is that Western culture is due for an enormous reset and they are the ones creating the conditions for it.

Reductio ad absurdum.

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Wow, you have a way with words.

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When it's hundreds of millions and billions of people, the reality is more biology and physics, than politics.

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I appreciate the fact that you're one of the few commentators out there who truly understands that the WEF cabal's agenda is really not that deep at all and all it really is is just a ploy to keep the system running for just another year in perpetuity. I enjoy that bit of levelheadedness in a space full of people determined to dream up all sorts of weird explanations such as spiritual rituals or whatever. Granted, there is certainly an occult element to the agenda of the west's current ruling class, as every ruling class throughout history has had an occult undercurrent, but they're not planning on starving everyone to appease whatever dark power these midwits believe in, they're planning on starving everyone as a consequence of what needs to be done in order to keep the power necessary to appease that dark power they believe in. Even societies that are unquestionably on the "good" side of history (to oversimplify for the sake of brevity) whose ruling classes didn't exactly formalize into ruling elites, such as Stalin's Soviet Union and Mao's China still had their share of occult elements (look up Soviet, Chinese, and American Cold War-era Psi research to learn more; the stuff about Psi particles might have some truth to it while the remote viewing stuff and most other parapsychology/psychoenergetic stuff the CIA and DIA heavily invested in seems like a dead end born of delusion with the notable exception of MKUltra as it used drugs instead of folklore to achieve its desired effects). What most people who get into the occult side of power usually miss is that the ruling elite in question need to maintain their power in order to pursue their occult interests, and as such, their moves to stay in power will be far more significant and take priority over whatever rituals or steps to complete rituals they also want to do.

"The only way to do that, is to frighten and fear-monger society into a series of ever-constricting controls by which they are forever prevented from escaping the rigors of this monolithic financial network. And the only way to get people to ignore other, better options, and ultimately to abnegate their rights is by playing to that ultimate human weakness—their sympathy."

What you're describing here is just Fascism. By that, I mean full-on Mussolinist Fascism. Mussolini wrote about Fascism being about constant and perpetual war against everything in order to keep society in a perpetual state of crisis in order to justify more clampdowns on personal and collective autonomy in order to more efficiently mobilize society for more war. The only difference is that the neo-fascists are using manufactured crises instead of war to clampdown on personal and collective autonomy as they know a great powers war today would both be too destructive for their system to survive no matter the outcome, and as seen in Ukraine, pretty much guaranteed to end with their total defeat (though this won't be enough to stop their doomed to fail adventure against China over Taiwan).

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👍👍Agree with almost all, with a caveat. Psi research is still very much in business, on the low down. Recent research published is conclusive regarding some of us humans having the same accurate ability to sense oncoming disaster events as animals, in relation to the flux of earth's magnetic fields, for just 1 example. Trans humanism is a technical & biological attack on the very essence of what we are & are already capable of. It will create a pseudo reality to our largely ignored human capabilities that most will embrace because they can see hear touch smell the illusion, an all enveloping hive mind religion that is experienced artificially by our senses. Self constructing nanotech in the 💉 already creates a measurable RF output personal ID signal from within the vaxxed.

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Oh, I know. I've found patents for remote viewing devices submitted by the CIA as recently as 2017.

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My knowledge is more personal. I lost the most incredibly gifted woman I ever loved to them, in spite of my warnings. They broke her completely in less than 2 months with drugs & Psch /sexual abuse; she was left an empty shell of herself.

Back in the young days, when I was 16 & on the road, an ex mk from N. J. who'd picked me out from 20-25 other hitchhikers he'd given a ride to (🚚) proceeded to spend the evening warning me of his former associates, in detail. He had run an early federal drug production/"Research facility in NJ before he disappeared. I took it his advice to heart. When I was 26, after 2 of my children were murdered by their associates, they approached me & my common law wife, through a major university in Kanada, to be studied. I am no fool, I declined & we quickly disappeared 👻. I've watched the watchers for 53 years... what they do is incomprehensible to 99.9% of the public. There abilities have increased exponentially since then...

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Love THIS. Thank you❤️🐈‍⬛

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At this point in time, I can confidently conclude that the carbon sequestration agenda's ultimate goal is a minimum of 6 billion of us sequestered in the ground.

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Ottimo! Tante cose che nessuno dice. Grazie!

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I get the overwhelming feeling that we are simply witnessing a cult-like mass suicide taking place in the west. Whether it is outright suicide such as increased violent crime, suicides, drug overdoses, or childlessness, or a quiet destruction of life in the form of alcoholism, drug addiction, morbid obesity, transgenderism, rampant homosexuality, and the failures to protect our children, everything points to the west killing itself. Provoking world war 3, extreme national debts, unsustainable world orders, unnatural rapid demographic changes, I could go on, but I'd rather not.

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There are multiple overlapping phenomena which I think as you, are linked

The "Western" economic system, which is increasingly becoming a State economic system, relies on financialization + money printing to sustain itself. IMF data shows that the collective "West" relies far more on state participation in the economy than anywhere else, including China/Russia

Coupled with the basic, inherent belief that the world is overpopulated and can only sustain 1-2bn ppl, and so somehow 6-7bn ppl need to be culled

Then you add this construct that CO2 is a pollutant that will create a global cataclysm...

And then you assault people's sense of shared reality (LGBTQ ideology, Covid insanity)

These are not unrelated.

Bottom line, what I'm seeing in industry for example - very strong pushes for ESG related initiatives, pressure from clients on Scope 1,2 & 3 reporting and being asked to "disclose" emissions via 3rd party NGO's, pressure to declare various fealties to sustainability initiatives, DEI policies and whatnot

The rest of the world, historically, has looked to the West as a place to emulate, to aspire to. Now I wonder if the honeymoon is over and they realize that the tables have turned, and the West is consuming itself and will take them down with it

I had an interesting lunch a week ago with friends who live in Italy and Saudi Arabia. I posed the question - who is more free? The Italian or the Saudi? In reality, the so called free world is anything but.

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Wellness of the all may be acquiered AFTER each one's wellness is acquiered (and shared...), not the contrary.

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I think many of us agree with Simplicius so I won’t rehash his great article.

There is some level of climate change happening however most of it is not due to human activity and is due to other factors out of our control as evidenced by the continuous changes for millennia.

So it’s not really “climate change” that’s the problem. Instead:

1) We have an energy problem whether due to lack of investment in fossil fuels or because most of the easy stuff has been taken out. Fossil fuels are a finite resource. Same goes for other non-renewable resources

2) We have a pollution problem due to the production of stuff that breaks or gets outdated and so replaced often, along with difficulty or high cost of fixing vs buying. This is also exacerbated by a consumerist mentality and a lack of contact with nature

You see, the solution to the second problem means a completely different production/consumption philosophy. This will also help with the first problem. Unfortunately for them, that will reduce margins, profit, stock market, investment, etc. leading to a lower nominal GDP growth and a collapse due to the exponential nature of compound interest on the humongous debt.

So .. they hide it behind a made up “emergency” obfuscating the real physical and financial problems to get ahead of it and ensure they’re still in charge when the inevitable collapse happens.

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I don’t expect to settle the climate change debate but there was a TED video where a European agricultural scientist working in Africa showed that directed grazing of cattle actually turned a desert area into arable land.

Going completely against the whole meat reduction trope.

Which makes me wonder, how many people actually fall for it? It can’t be many ..

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Great link, thanks for posting.

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In his talk at TED2013, “How to fight desertification and reverse climate change,” biologist Allan Savory offered a surprising solution to the spread of deserts around the globe: grazing. By reversing the transformation of grassland into desert, he said, such “holistic planned grazing” could help solve climate change.

Savory notes that such grazing is just one component of appropriate land stewardship, not a prescribed system, and its potential for success is influenced by each unique environment and context. But some critics have challenged the hypothesis. For example, one recent report argues that any gains from greening after grazing are more than offset by methane emitted by the grazing animals.

In other words, the science around Savory’s idea is complicated. As with every area of inquiry, research is ongoing. If you have further comments or information you feel should be added to this update, please do contact us at contact@ted.com with the subject line “Allan Savory comment.”

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Studying three grazing areas in northern Texas, Richard Teague, Ph.D., a range ecologist at Texas A&M University, found that the soil on the ones managed regeneratively had the greatest water- and nutrient-retaining abilities, as well as the highest concentrations of sequestered carbon. Other research has shown the ability of regeneratively tended land to trap greenhouse gases. A study in the journal Rangeland Ecology & Management found that holistic farming was able to sequester 106 grams of carbon per square meter annually. Other pasture-management approaches released around 200 grams. Project Drawdown, a nonprofit coalition of scientists, policy makers and business leaders aimed at identifying solutions to climate change, believes the potential for carbon sequestration is so great that it ranks farming methods like Savory’s ninth on their list of the 80 most effective things that can be done to counteract methane emissions and sequester carbon—above crop-only regenerative practices where no livestock are involved. They call it a “climatic win-win.”

Savory has a less diplomatic view of his critics. “Many have ridiculed my work,” he says. “But ridicule is not a sound argument. If you read those negative papers, you’ll see that not a single one makes any attempt to study exactly what I’m saying. What I’m doing is outside their knowledge, their training, their everything. That’s the kind explanation.”


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I realize the ending to that comment was abrupt but I really don’t have much more to say. Our problems are fixable but that would cause them loss of control and wealth, and they don’t want that .. hence the constant emergencies so they can implement their “solutions" instead.

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Yeah, I'd like there to be much more talk about the actual environmental and sustainability problems, like consumerism and ways to fix it. Why are electronics built to only last 3 years? Why does a smartphone fall apart after two years? Why can't we fix stuff? Why is everything in the modern world opaque? It used to be that people knew and could make probably >80% of the items they used in their daily lives, why is that not the case anymore? And I refuse to take the answer of "electronics is complicated" - no it isn't, I've designed computers. There's no reason one-in-ten people wouldn't be able to build 90% of electronics people use.

Although I guess talking about that would be too optimistic for Dark Futura. xD

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So I think the issue is that regenerative solutions are not accessible to most meat producers, including fees that reduces the gas belching and farts and deforestation of the Amazon. Eat less meat and you do less impact.

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