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Most of of the dare devil ride is in your head, you just haven't suffered enought for real yet. I recommend a backpack trip on foot through Afganistan, or alternatively Libya or Iraq. Make sure you have the American flag draped over your backpack. If nothing else you will have the personal experience of what suffering is. Oscar, since you're so unhappy and phucked up living on this planet being dispatched by some suffering wretch to St: Elsewhere in the Universe should be a great relief. Being a Yank and a high IQ wise guy plus a narcissist to boot is guaranteed to end your unhappiness in one of those places. You know the places that your country wrecked mutilating and killing the people there and put what was left back into the stone age. Imagine not being able to afford a psychiatrist, no hospital, little food, the sorrow of many dead children friends and other relatives. But hey it all pales next to your problems ehh.

Here's a news flash YOUR disability is terminal.


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Errr, 1980 on that pic of the 50s? Are you sure?

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Yeah, if that was 1980 I just trimmed 25 years off my age.

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Yeah that just tells us Simplicius is in the bloom of youth: 1980, 1950...what’s the diff, it’s all the Pleistocene to me”

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Those relative prices are all wrong too. I think the meme was ironic.

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Maybe likewise the article? Didn't get much out of it myself, except FUBAR.

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The only wrong figure was the house. A new car in 1980 was about 7000 dollars. A house about 40,000 and the groceries are spot on.

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Yeah, without checking the absolute prices (I was a teen in the 80s and drove a $700 car) the car versus house was what was off.

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Fair, tbh it’s absolutely insane how much houses went up since then, you’re lucky to find a decent house under 500,000 compared to the average car price of 30,000 new. Cars went up 4.5x while houses are up at least 10-12x.

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Price of a brand-new Chevrolet Bel-Air in 1955: $1,987

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Oct 1, 2023·edited Oct 1, 2023

Nice picture of $5000 car - in 1956 - where the hell did you find that twisted bit?

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And it wasn't $5000 - it was more like $2000 or less. In the 50s you could buy a new Corvette for $5000.

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I can be a saviour to everyone but myself

I’m wicked in the way that dolphins are

I’m unable to lose faith I’ve never had

I’ve white lines on my wrist that don’t look like cocaine

I inhale your hate to tattoo my blood

I’ve seen death and kept my sight

If I could unfurl this thinking mud,

who would be dead, who would be blind?

Dreams are my blanket, love-lost my sheet,

my body an extortion of fleshy thought

What grade of thunder writes these words?

We’re all undone, only numbers crying to be number one

I traded ambition for the hope of love,

and love violence’s life into distraction:

“Smile when I rape you, then it won’t feel so bad”

(but angels don’t spread their legs for common infections)

I cannot fuck myself to understanding

or dissolve questions with knives unbuttered

Conversations are cemented with lies

I’m the Outcast, wettened with truth

My passage is silent to gods and pigs

I don’t need the sun when I’m proud with matches

There’s tragedy in the presentiment of souvenirs

Sweets should never be sharpened

I stab my tongue through the lips of this world

whilst armies whisper inside of me.

PS: I called it 'Whispers' when I wrote it ages ago, but now it more a shout, this reaction to our world no longer round or with a map, no up just down, marketing instead of left or right - pressure, pressure, pressure, and probably hopeless truth searches.

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Sunday night, having a beer and I think I will need to read that a few times but damn good work man, has me thinking.

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Fuck understanding, it's subliminal marketing to make you drink more beer :)

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I'm down with that mate! Don't have to tell me twice aye?

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Cracked a can just for you bud!

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PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION . . . Protocol X – Preparing for Power . . . (((SARS-CoV2)))

❝. . . utterly exhaust humanity with dissention, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases. by want, so that the “Goyim” see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.❞


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Outstanding as always, Simplicius. I sensed what was coming many years ago and wrote a novel on it. It's aimed at the UK market primarily, but you'll find a lot in it that applies universally. Happy to send you a free copy if you're interested.


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4.5 stars on both Amazon and Goodreads. Promising! I start with a free sample. 😃

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Funding Both Sides: How Jewish Money Controls British Politics . . .

“During the previous Labour government, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were ardent Zionists because they accepted the justice of Israel’s cause, not because Labour’s chief fund-raisers were first the Jew Michael Levy and then the Jew Jonathan Mendelsohn (both are now members of the House of Lords). And during the current Conservative government, David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson have been ardent Zionists because they too accept the justice of Israel’s cause, not because the Conservatives’ chief fund-raisers have been first the Jew Sir Mick Davis and then the Jew Sir Ehud Sheleg.”


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Johnson and Cameron are both substantially Jewish, fwiw.

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love your russia analysis. Stick to what you know. And this aint it. This is the biggest load of steaming bigotted crap that I have had the misfortune to read in a while. Chirstopher Rufo as a source? are you f--ing kidding me? Good lord. Go to bed get some sleep. Try again tomorrow

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You put words to what I was thinking, thankyou. Gramsci had it figured out in the 1920s, the elites have been gutting the US for five decades now and have increasingly been moving toward a more authoritarian style of population management. Identitarianism etc., is all about divide and conquer, redirecting an immiserated population away from the real enemy. Increasing economic, social, and political stress drives psychological responses, anomie writ large.

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You hit the sore thumb right on its nail- thank you!

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NATO – eine anti-weiße und anti-familienfeindliche Institution . . .

Nach der Apokalypse von 1945 wurden bekanntlich eine Reihe globaler Organisationen gegründet, deren Ziel die Aufrechterhaltung und Ausweitung des totalitären Liberalismus war. Eine der frühesten zu diesem Zweck gegründeten Organisationen war das Militärbündnis “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” oder NATO, das als militärischer Zweig des Globalismus angesehen werden kann.

Die NATO stellt nicht nur sicher, dass Washington stets internationale Unterstützung für seine Militäreinsätze erhält, sondern ist als Institution auch erklärtermaßen anti-weiß und setzt sich ausdrücklich für “Rassengerechtigkeit” für in weißen Ländern lebende Rassenfremde ein. Bereits 1999 schrieb die NATO Berichte, in denen sie Nationalisten für eine Reihe moderner Probleme verantwortlich machte und vor dem Einfluss des Nationalismus warnte.

Im Jahr 2023 veranstaltete das Militärbündnis in seinem Hauptquartier in Brüssel einen Rassengipfel, bei dem die Führer des Militärbündnisses dazu aufriefen, “homogene Einstellungen” zu bekämpfen und dafür die “kollektiven Geheimdienstinformationen” der NATO zu nutzen.

Tatsächlich ist die NATO ihrer Anti-Weißen-Agenda so sehr verpflichtet, dass sie sich offen dafür ausspricht, dass Institutionen umgestaltet werden müssen, um “inklusiver” zu werden, mit anderen Worten, umstrukturiert zu werden, um anti-weißer zu sein und aus weniger weißen Mitarbeitern und Managern zu bestehen.


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Kein Land führt bei dieser Invasion sein eigenes Rennen, weil es alles eine politische Agenda ist, die von den Vereinten Nationen geführt und von den Juden und ihren Marionetten (Politikern) vorangetrieben wird. Die meisten Menschen wollen einfach nicht wissen oder verstehen, dass dies eine politische Agenda ist. Einige schaffen es jedoch zu verstehen, dass Politiker absichtlich daran arbeiten, Muslime zu importieren und die Menschen zu ersetzen, aber das war's auch schon, sie sind wie ein Computer, der nicht weitermachen kann, weil das Programm es nicht zulässt.

Der Juden-Messianismus verbreitet seit fast zweitausend Jahren seine giftige Botschaft unter uns. Demokratische und kommunistische Universalismen sind neu, aber sie gekommen, um das alte jüdisch Narrativ zu verstärken. Das sind der dieselben Ideale . . . Die transnationalen, transrassischen, transkulturellen Ideale, die diese Ideologien uns predigen (jenseits von Völkern, Rassen, Kulturen) und die tägliche Nahrung in unseren Schulen, in unseren Medien, in unserer Popkultur, bei unseren Universitäten und auf unseren Straßen sind, haben unser biosymbolische Identität und unser ethnischer Stolz auf ihren minimalen Ausdruck reduziert.

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The Frankfurt School adapted Marx’s theories on revolution to include Freud’s theory of the subconscious. The Cultural Marxists’ main focus was to reshape the subconscious of Western men and women and thus create new type of person: one who would react passively to provocations of all kinds.


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There is no such thing as cultural marxism apart from right-wingers propaganda. Marxism without historical materialism is like a burger without a patty. The latter is simply a bun and the former is simply bourgeois progressive critical theory.

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Jewish messianism has been spreading its poisonous message among us for nearly two thousand years. Democratic and communist universalisms are more recent, but they have only come to reinforce the old Jewish narrative. These are the same ideals.

. . . The transnational, transracial, transcultural ideals that these ideologies preach to us (beyond peoples, races, cultures) and are the daily sustenance of our schools, in our media, in our pop culture, at our universities, and on our streets, have reduced our biosymbolic identity and ethnic pride to their minimal expression.

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Distilled down he is describing what has become known as the clown world. Not only does he describe it perfectly but with a literary style that superb. So sorry you could not catch that.

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well put.

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Exactly-- couldn't have said it better. With this column maybe I should start a blog on military /Russia analysis. Unplug and get some rest 😳😳😳

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Your mind seems to have the expanse of a microscopic thread. What do you disagree with in his presentation of the conundrum we find ourselves in?

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This reminds me of the film *Idiocracy* - “those rubber-fumed monuments to the idol of consumption dotted endlessly with the faded reds of bygone signage, the faded reds of a once vibrant America”.

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Quick note that Josh Slocum here has been talking about cluster B society here for years, and I have a deep suspicion Rufo is ripping off his work.

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"Dark Futura", where Simplicius talks himself up his own asshole.

Fun seeing that little clip from Aeon Flux though-

"What does not kill us makes us STRANGER"

-Trevor Goodchild

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Oct 1, 2023·edited Oct 1, 2023

U$A is like a twisted Disney version of the Truman Show, from a distance it might look fine but beneath the surface it is dark as hell, & someone is always watching every move you make, manipulating everyone & everything to slowly bleed it to death into a parody of what it might have been, but never achieved. FYI- U.S. had only about 15 years max, 1954-68 of real prosperity for the average person- but by then the unseen decay & terminal spiral was unstoppable. Gold was outlawed & the fiat petrodollar ponzi scam took over the world. Independent farmers fought to survive & all their kids went to college to be indoctrinated into city life & the heart of America, the backbone, slowly died.Family life was fractured & the women had to work for the family to eat & stay healthy while welfare became effective voter control. Freedom of abortion kept minority groups from getting too numerous & the welfare costs down. Still works to this day...

You can't lose what you never had...it was just a constructed illusion, planned to fail, death by a thousand, no, 375,000,000 cuts.

I'm glad to be alive to finally witness NewRome implode. Maybe something good can be built from the burnt foundation. There's still a lot of damn fine people there longing to be free, but the head has terminal cancer & unfortunately has control of the steering wheel.

As for me, your northern neighbour from the land of the "Not Sees" & the home of the Native's stolen land, I prefer to die in my sleep like granpa did, not screaming my head off like the rest of the passengers in his truck.

Post script- I avoided the elephant in the world room being ignored- Nukes- but for younger readers sake this may be why us boomers are such F👀k ups

So, Frame that ⬆️around this: Oct.1962 grade 2, 7 years old. School starts with singing anthem, quick prayer, then nuclear "safety" drill. Crawl under your desk & sit, head between bent knees, arms over your head to avoid injury/blindness by flying glass. Running home to die with mom & siblings is not allowed.

I know, I asked. Finish the indoctrination by kissing your ass goodbye.

Cynical by nature, I could tell adults were scared & lying big time so I began reading the daily newspaper (thanks ma🙏🪦)to learn the truth. By 1978 I concluded from associating with reporters editors & int'l media owners, that they were 99.44% bullshit artists.

Final nail in that coffin was Jimmy Jones/C👁eh Massacre Tour in Guyana, aka mkultra/gun/drug smuggling op. FYI- 0 people died from drinking "Kool Aid"

95% were 💉💉💉💉💉lethal injection, any resistors to the💉were shot in back of their head. The rest suicide by gun & the 👻's exited the scene. Confirmed by autopsies, head coroner Guyana.

Next recyling- milk & bakery were home delivered; pop, beer,& milk bottles were returned, to be washed ( not " recycled" aka destroyed) & reused by mfgs until they broke; we had our own shopping bags & handcarts until "convenient" paper & plastic bags took over; we dressed in our older siblings hand me downs without shame; Every mom on the block kept an eye out for us, we knew who to avoid ; we walked & rode our bikes everywhere until it was dark & played unorganized sports daily, ; turn 16 & a $100 used car was easy to find; & our Scrap yards were dark heroes of recyling for war & profit.

My point being is everything has changed & nothing has changed, same shite different tools to mess people's minds.

What has changed is our inter-relaltionships. Do you know your neighbours at all. Would you help them, would they help you if the SHTFan? Would you help a stranger? Or has fear trapped you.

People feel lost, isolated, alone because they are. They're grasping out on the interweb of everything, looking for what they should be building in their own home, hood, friends-relationships of mutual caring & support & thats the greatest loss I've witnessed. Family used to be everything & it kept (slightly 🤪more people sane than crazy.

It's no wonder

why we're all at least a little bit crazy.

It was the plan all along.

Mission accomplished.

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Liking this, thank you.

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Marsi mate. Just a Cole's note observation by a Deadmanriding who rode through the valley of death & decay with eye's wide open...

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Marsi? Maybe you mean, merci?

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No, my dear spelchequer, Marsi is Cree (Ojibway in the US) for thanks. Merci is French, a more common language in "Not See" Kanada. They mean the same thing. 🍻

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Cool! Betcha anything Ojibway "marsi" came straight from French.

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Incompetent sausaged fingered dolt that I am, I somehow managed to give you a long winded reply⬇️ below in rhe comments instead of here...

Marsi tchógh or Dégharé marsi nénesdhen is the formal way for speaking to elders, marsi is familiar version. Next time, for the sake of brevity, at the expense of clarity, I'll just use the short form, " thanks" 🤪

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Hey there Mr David Collins,

I screwed up replying to you & it ended up buried down below so hope I got it right.....?

Perhaps, but longer formal form is Marsi tchógh or Dégharé marsi nénesdhen. Hi Hi means goodbye in western Cree. Very little far northern Cree has any phonic resemblance to English or French, perhaps because they were isolated by choice, had no written language in their past until recently & trade was primarily with Hudson Bay Co. around Churchill, with the bloody English land robbing barons. Further south French was #1 for them same as Metis. I'm far from knowledgeable, I just believe it's good to know a few kind words, it's made my life blessed with a wide range of friends.

Matter of fact, I made a new one today, just sitting in the sun- Josh, a beat up & bruised young Newf from St John's, south of where I grew up as a child. Asked him how he's doing & he replied not too good & asked me where he could find some water. Seems his drunken GF & then her brother went psycho on him, & he was heading back to the trailer he was crashing in, ( no electricity, heat, water, light, food or fire to cook) before he heads back to Nfld on Tuesday 👍🦶🦶 before winter sets in. Had a few laughs, dug

him up some homemade cuban chili & other no cook food, even showed him my St. John's OEM Mike Tyson Lobster Claw- (12" long x 17" circumference, it was the shorter wider one & the very first Iobster I ever ate. It was 40 " long, but the old man never weighed the freaking monster). He said it was the biggest claw he ever saw anywhere, in Manitoba, of all places.

Long winded point is, a kind sincere word can make everyone's life a little bit better. I try & often fail. My tongue can be my sharpest weapon, if I let it run.


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I love it - land of the "Not Sees".

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Nailed it, though I'd say my perception of prosperity continued into the 70s, after which I took control of it in non-conventional ways, retired in my early fifties, departed USSA, and always have money in my pocket and a decent life (knock on wood).

And thanks for correcting the USSA population. We really should count all the illegals.

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Spot on!

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Well, personality disorders are a part of this dysfunctional society sundered into atomic individuals, blaming themselves for their own conduct.....isn’t this a description that we are led to accept? What about starting to look at what is rotten in the state of Denmark, to quote Shakespeare. It is a destruction of the commons, privatising everything, eliminating solidarity and psychologising human conduct. It could be otherwise. Not individually, but as a community.

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Destroy family so every individual is for themself without any chance to give “push” against system and those on power.

Very nicely executed in the western societies. We in Yugoslavia long ago saw and wonder how “western are cold and not helping each others” even back in 70s and 80s.

We have word “moba” in srpsko-hrvatski, and e.g. englishman have word “lobbying” (for legal coruption) - two different worlds.

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We have gone too far. We will never voluntarily give up our worship of the individual.

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=== “Do you feel it too?”

Bruh, the view count on "Rich Men North of Richmond" tells you how close we are to a new Peasants' Revolt.

Tens of millions of people feel it.

They're still in The Cave, but they're out of the chains and they can see a glimmer above them.

It remains to be seen whether they continue to climb.

The original Allegory of the Cave (Plato, "Republic", §7.514a et seq) tells us that most of them won't.

That's consistent with what one of the greatest of the Sages (Bias of Priene) also observed, 2500 years ago -

Οι Πλεθστοι Ανθροποι Κακοι

Most People Are Shit.

So as far as I am concerned, I stop at §7.517c in "Republic" -

=== τόδε συνοιήθητι καὶ μὴ θαυμάσῃς ὅτι οἱ ἐνταῦθα ἐλθόντες οὐκ ἐθέλουσιν τὰ τῶν ἀνθρώπων πράττειν.

=== Do not be surprised when those who have [exited The Cave] do not concern themselves with the affairs of men. ===

There comes a point at which the person who gets out of The Cave realises that there is no point in trying to convince those still in it; they will find their own way out, or they won't.

The biggest wide-scale cognitive test in human history, happened in 2020-2022 - and most of "my fellow Man" failed comprehensively - so FUCK 'EM.

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Krato, not most people but all people are, as you choose to translate Κακοι, “shit,” but there exists within every human soul, encased and soaked through in slime though it is, some glimmer of aspiration toward higher things. If we write others off, it’s we who in the end may be written off.

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Yes and no as I agree with both (Krato and Ignatz) of your views - as far as fuck 'em is meant to be concerned with one's own frailties. I abstain from quoting scripture but I believe it should be pretty clear - even to the casual onlooker - where my train of thought is going with this.

Staying truthful - especially to oneself - by accepting the limitations any of GOD ALMIGHTY'S CREATIONS has been burdened with/liberated by is truly following


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So, exactly how successful were the previous peasant revolts of the last hundreds of years?

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The complete failure of various peasant revolts throughout history - and the subsequent return of the serfs to their pre-revolt submissiveness - is kind-of precisely my point.

In the middle section of the Allegory of the Cave, the person who makes it out into the light feels obliged to try to help the people still stuck in the Cave; he goes back down into the cave, but is disoriented and everybody in the Cave thinks he's gone off is rocker and tries to kill him.

Plato does a ridiculously stupid job of this bit: for whatever reason he fails to recognise the long-held distinction - long-held even in his day - between those capable of epistemic thinking (ἐπιστήμη), and the masses who live in a world of belief and superstition (collectively, "δόξα" - the red-headed bastard step-cousin of episteme).

It's possible that this is what Plato was trying to get across.

It is claimed that people find it extraordinarily difficult to explain things to people more than about 20 IQ points to their left in the IQ distribution. This is why the 'sweet spot' for bureaucrats and politicians is "midwit" - an IQ of about 120. They can formulate arguments that can be easily 'absorbed' by the Mass Man, and can understand most of what they are told by technical experts: they are hopeless at STEM but OK at verbiage (let's be frank: verbal acuity is NOT indicative of IQ).

In the last segment of the Allegory, Plato has the speaker claim that the righteous man should still try to be part of a 'leadership' clique - EVEN THOUGH it's _a priori_

(1) a thankless task, and

(2) everybody knows that venal assholes will compete the most vigorously for positions of administrative and bureaucratic power ("evil but smart men" - at 7.519a).

Frankly, I would rather stick a fork in my own leg - I am stopping at 7.517 and declaring "every man for himself".

I also assert that 'Alain' (the French writer) hit the nail on the head in the 1930s:

=== "Car enfin le trait le plus visible dans l'homme juste est de ne point vouloir du tout gouverner les autres, et de se gouverner seulement lui-même. Cela décide tout. Autant dire que les pires gouverneront".

=== TR: "Because in the end, the most visible characteristic of the righteous man is to have no desire whatsoever to rule others, but to govern only himself. That decides everything. We may as well say THE WORST WILL RULE." ===

And lastly - to adapt the old quotation misattributed to Diderot:

Man will be free when the last ruler is strangled using the entrails of the last bureaucrat.

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The dynamics of peasant revolts have not changed. In the past, any success a peasant revolt enjoyed would come from the adoption of its energy by a dissatisfied slice of the elites. There are very few dissatisfied elites today in the West. (Almost without exception, whether left or right, the scribal class decries polarization as if it were a catechism. And why wouldn’t they? Life is good for the PMC and scribal class.) Peasants by their intrinsic nature, do not have the “human capital” to generate successful leaders that can fully exploit the energy of the revolt. The elites are not worried about small scale peasant revolts such as happened on January 6th. They are, however, quite worried about the loss of control over the generation and flow of public information. But the authoritarian left is hot on that case so it’s likely that the problem will be solved.

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Nope, people watching some beardy guy warbling on video means little. Teenager Kyle Rittenhouse shooting 3 Jewish felons in self-defence with cool accuracy: that's profound.

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As a result of The World's New Favourite 6'6" Ginger-American, ~80 million people have heard "Not just minors on an island somewhere", when the media has done its level best to keep that stuff off their screens.

That's a shitload more than 'little'.

That said: it was a comment about the growing number of people who are AWARE of a growing social malaise; about a growing sense that the system is fucked.

Kyle Rittenhouse getting found Not Guilty just allows midwits to chant the old trope that helps keep them subdued...


Meanwhile, the McMichaels and Bryan are serving LWP+20 and 30-to-life, respectively - having been found guilty 4 months after Rittenhouse's acquittal.

It's not clear to me AT ALL, that Rittenhouse's actions, or his acquittal, "moved the chains".

Also, it is irrelevant that the people who attacked him were felons (specifically the psycho drug-addict pedophile rapist, and Huber): what matters is that they attacked him and he defended himself.

He's just super-lucky that the people he shot were white: if he had shot Huber and a BLACK psycho drug-addict pedophile rapist, he would have been well and truly fucked.

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Three years of murder, mayhem, looting, rioting destruction only one teenager actually did anything. The whole "from my cold dead hands thing" is Hollywood hokum.

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True but when they go down further and CBDC controlls your life it won't be good. Wish I had an answer or even some hope "a poor strategy" but I don't. Organizing amerikans for their own benefit is like herding cats and the rest of the west with few exceptions, Truckers in Canada, Farmers in the Netherlands but the majority, especially the "credentialed" are against freedom.

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I generally try to never use words like "wish" or "hope" - my worldview is "live without hope".

CDBCs aren't that much of a threat at this point: that ship has saild. The signal started to flash when it became futile to ask for wages in cash. In the US it might still be possible to receive wages in cash - but in Australia it isn't.

However there is already a parallel system, and that parallel system is robust to network- and grid-failure.

FreeNet - distributed, surveillance-resistant internet - can run on a mesh-net; mesh-nets can run on mobiles; mobiles can run on small-scale solar.

So there will be local city-wide mesh-nets within days of any true, no-electrical-grid SHTF.

So crypto transactions will still be 'do-able' for those who have their shit squared away.

Once the next 5-10% of the herd realises that government is trying to create a Social Credit system, I expect major cryptocurrencies to go absolutely berserk.

Precious metals are a poor substitute - they're less divisible, for a start; try cutting $1.87 worth of gold off of a 1oz gold ingot - even to 1oz of silver would be a challenge.

Worse: any amount of PMs that is useful as a "SHTF fund" introduces:

(1) counterparty risk - i.e., a custodian; OR

(2) security infrastructure costs (e.g., a strong room; a safe will not cut it).

The meek will inherit a bug-based diet.

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You nailed it. What we need is more sincere people with a platform. We need to give a voice to the direct, honest, and passionate. Connection can only be formed when people start caring. Isolation cannot be broken when indifference is the opiate of the masses.

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I beg to differ - in the strongest terms possible - as "caring" is the poison pill being offered as the anointment of "the enlightened" - which in REALITY are the blinded by THE PRIDE OF THE HUMAN MIND pretending to know to discern between 'good and evil' and thereby CONTINUE to promulgate EVE'S PLOT from THE GARDEN OF EDEN.


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PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION . . . Protocol X – Preparing for Power . . . (((SARS-CoV2)))

❝. . . utterly exhaust humanity with dissention, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases. by want, so that the “Goyim” see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.❞


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Staying in my own lane seems to work best, relative. The North 40 is isolating, yet, the weekly chores do keep me engaged. Thank the muses I have lived many decades, self life at this point. In a good way. I am watching IT, all go down. The spin increased exponentially the last few years, post spinal cord injury. I do concur with much of your prose; reading is a leisure I have much time/energy for. Thank you my friend, GodSpeed❤️🐈‍⬛old lady with a virtual cat.

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In lieu of a Spiritual heritage, the West has its ersatz form, belief-based mass religion.

Since belief fells out of fashion as a central organizing principle of society, the West has steadily lost inter- and intra-state coherence.

The East, and China in particular, has no such problem. Its radical Spiritual tradition was well established when Confucius was born.

So bone-deep has Chinese spiritual practice become in the intervening millennia that most of them are unaware of it.

But all are familiar with the notion that the Nature of existence and how it is arising is inherently and tacitly obvious if we remain in a state of pleasurable oneness with whatever and all the presently arises.

In fact, the government has had a Central Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization since 1997. It is tasked with educational efforts to build a "spiritual civilization" (Jingshen Wenming) in preparation for 2049 when, planners hope, China will be a moderate prosperous, modern, socialists society in which everyone will have leisure for art and contemplation.

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Godfrey, the west has its own spiritual tradition (I won’t make invidious comparison to any other) and one only needs to find a traditional chapel, or an old Missal, to rediscover its continued vitality. The crisis in the West is rather obviously correlated to our turning our backs against the “Faith of our fathers: Holy Faith / We will be true to thee till death.”

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Spiritual practice, and the Great Tradition of Spiritual Realizers are almost unknown in the West. It has nothing to do with belief of any kind

Our tradition was never Spiritual.

It has always been belief-based, morality-lite, consoling and distracting.

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Well then, how about this: “Renounce Satan, and return to the Gospel.” That is the first baby step toward a revived spiritual practice in the West. I have the feeling that the “Renounce Satan” part will be the greater challenge.

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Oct 1, 2023·edited Oct 1, 2023

Bless your heart 🤣 & speak for yourself. Buddha is dead, Taoism is an endless illusion etc etc... Spirituality is innate to the human spirit. Your traditions may not be spiritual so it's likely you won't recognize true evil until it consumes you.

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The American crisis is mostly about religion, particularly faith in TV.

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What your comment seems to refer to has NOTHING to do with RELIGION - not recognising it, is part of the sickness called THE CULT OF IDOLATRY - THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - THE SYNAGOGUE OF LIES - CONTINUATION OF THE CANAANITES ... pick and choose you preferred version but more importantly take up your cross and start following JESUS CHRIST - THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!

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I'm passed my Stryper stage.

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According to the comments you delivering to the world DEFINITELY NOT ... changing garments doesn't deliver anyone from DARKNESS - your reference to a 'christian' metal band is just testimony to that - but ONLY A CHANGE OF HEART that can only come through THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE HIMSELF! No other affiliation or creed is going to help...

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I knew someone would step in to emphasise my point. Thank you for volunteering.

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Future generations will look back on TV as the lead in the water pipes that slowly drove the Romans mad.

Kurt Vonnegut

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I only read 'Slaughterhouse Five' but it was a perfect book.

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Try Sirens of Titan or Cat's Cradle sometime.

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My intentions are toilet paper. I've had those and 'Piano Player' on the backburner, along with another hundred great books, for years. Reading politics alone took 15hrs today. I'm usually exhausted and find a movie easier than book fiction before I sleep.

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The problem with God as the moral policeman, is that when fear of God died, what rose in its place was Nietzsche's Will to Power. Unfortunately those most adept at this game are those who lie, cheat and steal as a matter of principle.

The fact is that morality is an ideal, toward which we seek, not an absolute, of which there can be no question. If it were absolute, there would be no way to transgress it.

So now we have a society where the highest power is the largest pile of money, not one that balances synchronization with harmonization. Nodes and networks, organisms and ecosystems, centripetal, with centrifugal. More yin and yang, than God Almighty.


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As a former "natural born" Taoist from the age of 7, 1962, (with zero parental influence & long before barely anyone had even heard of it in Kanada), & who studied Wilhelm Baynes / Karl Jung interpretation (until 1989 when the world shifted & I went completly the opposite direction)

I can say with no absolutely no bout of doubt it that PRC's Silk Road of Good Intentions is in reality the Highway to Hell. Enjoy the ride mate.

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The greatest betrayal of Western peoples was to abandon their beliefs and adopt a vile evil foreign anti-White sandland cult because a Sun worshipping Roman named Constantine forced it upon a few East Europeans in AD 300 at the urging of his two top advisers both Jews.

This is well documented history and worth reading about.

The sandland cult of Christ was forced upon Eastern Europe by kidnapping, forced indoctrination, torture , taxes and military force to fracture societies and subjugate the peoples of the various White races.

The sandland cult of Christ is anti-White and has done no thing but harm to the White races.

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Surely the love for THE WORLD has never been a useful signpost to look for SALVATION no matter how much proclamations to the contrary being thrown at the world. Only those who GOD ALMIGHTY loves HE disciplines as HE sees fit

17Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty:

18For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole.

19He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.

Job 5, 17-19

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Elevating 'The East' - whatever that is, in the tribal narrative soaked mind - to god-like status is nothing short of IDOL-WORSHIP at its best. Proposing to dump one IDOL for another - no matter how well meant - is not a cure but further poison for THE HUMAN MIND to be led astray from THE TRUTH!

Like those proposing lethal poison injections as a cure for a purely MENTAL DISORDER raging among man since THE GARDEN OF EDEN, while the proponents - CHEERLEADERS - being the most affected by the aforementioned MENTAL DISORDER - the war being waged against GOD ALMIGHTY! And there is only ONE WHO'S STIPULATIONS are going to PREVAIL!

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Wow! A state sponsored religion. Now why didn't elites in the past think of this?

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Congrats— love this article. It was very compelling and articulates a lot of what I've been feeling lately. I am thinking a lot recently about what positive ways of thinking(political, metaphysical, social or otherwise) could surpass the historical liberalism, which has roots going back to the 1600s. I do feel a lot of excitement about the new things coming in my lifetime, despite the feeling of disintegration presently.

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